How do you think you can make a difference?
By treating everyone as an equal, having someone’s back and finding something I am passionate about
Standing up for what you believe in, having courage
Changing just one person’s life. Doing what I was meant to do.
Just be myself and get out there more
By having courage and not caring what people think
By being me
By telling everyone how awesome they are
Be brave enough to stand out.
By having a plan and having the right attitude
By being myself -everyone else is taken
Be positive
Breaking the ice and making everyone comfortable with being themselves.
Standing for what you believe in even if you stand alone
Help people that need my help. Being confident, going first
What did you learn personally from this leadership experience?
I learnt to get out of my comfort zone and know it’s not as bad as you think. I was an opportunity to find out who I am as a person, away from y friends, family and social media.
It only takes 5 minutes to make a difference
Other people can bring out the best in you and it’s worth talking to others with different views.
Standing up for what you believe in; having courage
That I don’t have to act like someone else to make friends
Don’t care about other’s opinions
How to be a leader
I am the only me, I am awesome, I am me
To be brave and courageous
Know whose back you have and who has yours
That being the first follower is important
I am braver than I thought
I can do things if I believe in myself
To give everything a go and don’t worry about that people say, I’s just their opinion. Choose your attitude.
It’s not a bad thing to be a leader
An amazing experience, I wish it went for a week!
I really enjoyed the weekend and I am so glad I came
This camp was an amazing experience, thank you!
Good camp made new friends
Loved it! Awesome experience
Amazing time, wish it went longer!
Best weekend of my life!
Amazing camp, one of the most fun and valuable experiences of my life. Recommend to everyone.
Thank you so much. I am so thankful and glad I got the privilege of being able to attend this camp. I loved it and will definitely take away lots from it.
I had an amazing time and made lots of new friends
Thank you greatly!