This strategic partnership relies heavily on our partner: Lanaco
Lanaco wishes to make these available to schools/communities in New Zealand, and are doing so at cost. In our more vulnerable communities, after rent and food there is often little or nothing for masks, yet we are repeatedly being told everyone should/must wear a mask - that will help slow or perhaps stop the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases/illnesses.  It is noted that the masks/face coverings that most people use help to prevent them spreading the virus but are poor protection from them catching virus that is in the air (from others). They have already started the good work here in New Zealand in Porirua.
Working With A Company That Clears The Air At New Heights
Lanaco is a New Zealand company which has developed and manufactures world leading filter technology, based on wool. Lanaco air filters are now seen everywhere protecting people from COVID-19 but were developed over recent years to combat poor air quality in most cities and industrial regions around the world. The technology is so successful it has even been selected by NASA to protect astronauts on their next mission to the moon and beyond. 
Working With A Company That Equips Champions
 They are New Zealand’s first certified medical grade respirator manufacturing plant and developed new respirator masks to suit the needs of the population, especially Maori and Pacifica, in close cooperation with District Health Boards. Lanaco was the official mask supplier behind the success of the NZ Olympic Team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.