The club entered a float in the Inglewood Christmas Parade which had to endure a massive downpour of rain which began minutes before starting. The sleigh float was based on an idea from a story discovered from The Rotarian online, where In 1993 the Rotary Club of Ottawa Sunrise in Illinois USA entered a float in their town Christmas Parade. At the beginning of the parade the float was an empty trailer, but they had advertised in the community in the weeks leading up to the parade asking for those coming to bring a modest present to donate to the float. By the end of the parade it was full with 275 gift wrapped presents for donating to the Salvation Army.
The photo’s capture Rotarian Elves Bill and Gloria aboard the specially built sleigh drive by Rotarian Rosey. Rotary at work!!
We adopted the idea and at the end of yesterday’s parade, we have 78 wrapped gifts and a $20 cash donation and whilst not the heady 275 gifts of Ottawa Sunrise (population 18,500) , the Inglewood RC (Inglewood population 3,400) members are delighted! A resounding success and the purposeful act of so many townsfolk donating a gift-wrapped present has been humbling indeed.
Whilst we don’t have a Salvation Army unit in our town, we will ask the local primary school Principal and staff to help identify recipients for the presents. Next year and beyond we hope to build on the success of this first attempt.                                                                   Rear view of the Elves sleigh