The Project Team from the Rotary Club of Masterton South is pleased to report that their application for a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation has been successful.
The Grant is for $US116,782 which is the total project cost and is to cover the purchase of the bus, its total fit out including medical equipment, the shipping costs to Rarotonga and for monitoring its impact on the Public Health Services in the Cook Islands. 
The team in Rarotonga
Whilst the Masterton South team of David Baker, Dr Rob Irwin and Paul Snelgrove have worked very hard on getting the project this far, there have been a number of other key people  who deserve our thanks. Stuart Twaddle of Inglewood, a District 9940 member of the International Committee, has been there for us since the 2017 District 9940 Conference in New Plymouth, also Bev Wells of Port Nicholson who we met at Conference. Thanks to our Project partners from Rarotonga led by Mark Boyd, President, and the Cook Islands Ministry of Health people, Elizabeth Iro and Valentino Wichman also their Public Health team. Our current DG Mitchell Brown has been absolutely  inspirational in promoting the cause, and the tortuous Global grant application passage was eased by Jeanette Drysdale from Otahuhu, Stuart Batty of RNZWCS Ltd, and Brent Drage, our Region Grants Officer. We also wish to acknowledge the generosity of those Rotary Clubs of District 9940, and some from other Districts, who have pledged money in support of the Rarotonga MMHC project, absolutely every little bit helped!
Now the work will begin in earnest! First and foremost the pledges need to be in the bank before the Global Grant money is transferred to our Masterton South Trust Account, so our first job is to ensure this is done. The bus has been selected, a 1996 MAN midsized vehicle, which had an engine replacement in 2001 to a practical, easily serviced Cummings, it also has Allison transmission and air suspension. This bus has been chosen for its simplicity to service and non troublesome running. The medical equipment to be installed has now been ordered from Medspares Pacific Limited and is necessary to be on site to work out weight distribution for the bus, also to enable heavy equipment to be fixed securely. Despite the extremely busy Tranzit workshop work load, our bus is due to be on the hoist for the initial cleaning process this week.
We have decided to provide video coverage of the transformation process. There was an initial video made in August which introduced the bus, and the three members of our team. It was recognised that the team needed to up their amateur performances and a second video is shortly to be added to our Dropbox account. For those that wish to view the original it is at:
Tranzit is going to video the process as it progresses and clips will be added to this dropbox as we progress. Rarotonga President Mark is at work in the Cook Islands looking at subsidised shipping and will be promoting the project in the local media,  also investigating the signwriting to put on the MMHC. Contributing Clubs will be recognised as will our supportive Masterton South President Warren Carter tragically killed in a road accident in August 2017 whilst in office. Past President Rob Cameron has stepped up to continue supporting the work we are doing.